The Sushi Shop Experience

What is the usual waiting time for a Sushi Shop order?

Waiting Time In A Sushi Shop.

All of our products are meticulously prepared to order, which can take longer depending on the time, day, number of employees on site, volume of orders in progress and the size of your order. In addition, the new security measures that each employee and store must do before and after each order impacts as well the waiting time and should be taken into account.

When you call in-store, our team should try to give as best as possible, an approximate pick-up time. When you order online, on our take-out or delivery order platforms, the waiting time is calculated automatically using a predefined calculation system. If the store finds that the order time will not be respected, they will contact you and offer you a new pickup time.

Many customers think that we are a fast food chain, but this perception is wrong. Our preparation is done every morning in-store. Our products are freshly prepared to order, by hand, by our sushi chefs. For us, preparing sushi is an art that should be enjoyed delicately and with patience.

Should I call ahead to order my sushi?

Ordering Ahead.

It is not necessary or mandatory to order in advance from Sushi Shop. However, if you wish to receive your order for a specific time, a particular event or simply avoid waiting in the store, we recommend that you place your order in advance. You can order ahead by calling the store directly by phone, through our take-out app or through our various delivery partners. To find out the best way to order and the services offered at your local Sushi Shop, please visit our Sushi Shop website in the Find Us section .

For customers who want to drop by the store to order and who don’t necessarily have the time to wait, we recommend our customer fridge section, which offers varied, freshly prepared combos throughout the day. This option is intended to be the best solution for a quick meal option, with no waiting times. Who says eating on the go can’t be tasty and healthy?

How much ginger and wasabi should I receive in my order?

Ginger and Wasabi.

Ginger and wasabi, two must-haves when ordering sushi! The ginger has a slightly spicy taste and serves to rebalance the palate between 2 flavors of sushi. Wasabi can be placed on each piece of sushi individually to enhance its taste or directly in soy sauce to spice up your meal.

At Sushi Shop, our standard is to feed about 15 to 20 grams of ginger (the size of a date) and about 2 grams of wasabi (the size of a pea) per 10 to 15 sushi rolls. For those, who never have enough ginger or wasabi, it is always possible to request an extra ginger or wasabi for a slight additional charge.



How much soy sauce should I get with my sushi?

Sushi Shop Soy Sauce.

Our soy sauce is a secret and unique Sushi Shop recipe that falls more on the sweeter than salty side. You can’t do without it, we understand you completely!

We offer free with any meal (approximately 10 to 15 pieces of sushi) a small container of soy sauce. If you want more, no problem, it is always possible to order extra soy sauce for a slight additional charge. To enjoy our soy sauce even more, we also sell it in a 355 ml bottle.

How do I use my Sushi Shop coupons?

Sushi Shop coupons.

When you receive our menu with coupons in the mail, these can be used very easily and immediately upon receipt. When you call the store to place your order, simply mention your coupon to the employee over the phone to add it to your order.

For orders made through our take-out app or if you place an order with one of our delivery partners, our postal coupons are not available and cannot be added to your order. We apologize for this technological inconvenience and suggest that after placing your order online, please call the store to notify employees of your coupon and avoid the wait in-store.

One coupon, per visit, per customer is accepted in-store only and these are accepted in all Sushi Shop locations. If you unfortunately forgot or lost your coupon, our employees will need to charge the coupon item. We hope our coupons will introduce you to our favorite novelties and rolls. Enjoy!

How can I receive Sushi Shop coupons?

Receive Sushi Shop coupons.

Have a friend or family member that receives our Sushi Shop coupons in the mail and you would like to receive them as well? No problem, just send us a little email at and send us your full address and the number of coupons you would like to receive. From then on, you will be included (forever) in our personalized coupon mailing list. You’re welcome 😉

What to do if I am not satisfied with my experience?

Sushi Shop Experience.

First, we are extremely sorry to hear that your experience was not up to our usual standards. Our employees are trained to resolve situations to ensure you leave the store satisfied. However, if this was not been the case, our customer service team is here to help you. You can reach them any time by sending a quick email at:

When sending us your comment, please provide as much detail as possible, such as photos of your meal, your bill, date, time and location visited. This greatly helps us in our follow-up and allows us to react more quickly. Thank you.

What to do if I had a great experience?

Sushi Shop Experience.

We are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with your experience and meal in one of our Sushi Shop locations. Our employees work hard to continuously make your experience enjoyable and up to our standards. When applicable, tips are always a great way of saying thank you and are appreciated by all our employees.

Another great way to share your positive experience is to go to your Sushi Shop local Google page and leave a positive review and even give it a 5 star rating.

What is even more appreciated by our restaurants is that you share your beautiful experience with your friends and family so that they also come and encourage us.

Another easy way is to send us a short message by email to: and we will be happy to share it with the team present that day. Thank you.

Where to find Sushi Shop menu prices?

Sushi Shop menu and prices.

A little over a year ago, we updated and modified our website and removed all item prices. Since then, a few clients have sent messages asking where they can see our menu prices.

Our in-store prices (pick-up orders) can all be found on our Menu page, by clicking on the Menu and Prices in PDF link. You can also consult our PDF menu with prices by scanning our barcode, available in all our Sushi Shop locations.

When you order online for pick-up orders via our take-out application or via our delivery partners websites, you can find all our item prices clearly indicated. To order online, simply select the closest location to see their available services and click on the service desired (pick-up or delivery).

If you have any questions or comments, we love your feedback and you can reach us by email at:

Enjoy your sushi order!

I would like to know if Sushi Shop delivers to my home?

Sushi Shop Take-Out and Delivery

All Sushi Shop locations offer take-out (via our application) and many offer delivery (via our third-party partners). To find out what services are available at your local Sushi Shop, please visit the Sushi Shop website under the Order online tab.

Enter your address and you will see the closest location appear with their offered services. To order, simply click on the desired service party logo. Enjoy your sushi!

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NEW Sushi Shop Loyalty Program


Sushi Shop is now offering a unique loyalty program with a new cumulative points system. We are happy to give back to our loyal customers.

⭐ Welcome offer: Receive 500 Sushi Shop points (on next purchase)!

⭐ Rewards: Earn 10 Sushi Shop points for every dollar spent in-store and online

⭐ Bonus birthday points: Receive 500 Sushi Shop points on your special day, with purchase!​

When you register, online for a digital card, or in-store for a physical card, you will be able to accumulate your points and redeem them on your purchases.

We invite you to visit our Loyalty page.

Our customer service team is there to help you and answer all your questions.

Defective or Disable Sushi Shop Gift Card

Defective Sushi Shop Gift Card.

If you have purchased a Sushi Shop Gift Card during the month of December and realized upon payment it is defective or disabled, please fill this form.

We apologize for this current issue which is out of our control. Rest assured, all gift card issues will be resolved by our team within the next 5 to 7 business days.

Thank you,


Sushi Shop's safety measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic

Sushi Shop safety Measures

At Sushi Shop, your safety is our priority and for the well-being of all, it is mandatory to wear a mask in all our locations.

You will find a station to disinfect your hands at the entrance. Stickers on the floor will guide you and keep you at safe distance when ordering. Our menus are laminated and cleaned regularly. A QR code is also available if you wish to view our full menu on your phone. At all times, our employees wear a face mask in addition to gloves. Our hygiene standards are among the highest in the industry, which allows us to provide you with a safe experience.

For additional information or question, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Thank you.